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We are looking for cooperation

Our recently established international law office in Berlin has seen a high demand for German law cases. I have numerous Indonesian clients throughout Germany who require the expertise of a German law specialist. While my main focus and specialization lie in Indonesian investment and corporate law, I am seeking a qualified German lawyer (Volljurist) to join our team and collaborate on various German law cases.


Our cooperation would be based on a freelance or case-by-case basis. If you possess an international mindset, a youthful spirit, high flexibility, and a strong desire for independence, this opportunity may be well-suited for you, and we could be a good match.


Another option would be to establish an affiliation with your firm. If you have recently started your own law firm, I would be delighted to connect and explore potential cooperation.


If you are interested, please send your CV and cover letter to me. You can use the contact form on my website or send it directly to


Best regards,


Advokat (Indonesien)

Desca Putra Yana

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