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Get to Know Desca Putra Yana

Welcome to Kanzlei Desca Putra Yana, a Berlin-based law practice dedicated to providing exceptional legal services to individuals and businesses in Germany. As the only Indonesian law firm in Germany, we bring a unique perspective and expertise to our clients. Established in 2020, we are committed to delivering high-quality legal solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner.

At Kanzlei Desca Putra Yana, we understand the challenges individuals and businesses face when dealing with legal matters. Our dedicated team, led by Desca Putra Yana, is committed to finding the best solutions for our clients, ensuring that their rights and interests are safeguarded. We offer a wide range of legal services, including contract law, immigration law, family law, inheritance law, and investment in Indonesia.


Additionally, we provide corporate general consultation on a retainer basis, catering to both international and domestic companies, start-ups, and small businesses.

We understand that navigating the legal system can be daunting, especially when faced with stress and uncertainty. That's why our goal is to ensure you comprehend your rights and the intricacies surrounding your case. We provide comprehensive and easily understandable legal counsel in Indonesian and international law, catering to both German and Indonesian individuals.


Recognizing that our clients are unique individuals with distinct emotions and values, Advokat Desca Putra Yana personally guides and involves you in making crucial decisions regarding your case. We keep you informed at every stage, explaining every detail so that you remain in control.


About Desca Putra Yana:

Desca Putra Yana completed his Law School education at Universitas Indonesia and gained experience working in law firms and a fintech company in Indonesia. Intrigued by European and international legal systems, he pursued a master's degree in European and International Economic, Competition, and Regulatory Law at Freie Universität Berlin, where he fell in love with the city and its people.


Together with trusted friends and colleagues, Desca Putra Yana established ADA Law Office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Shortly after, he established his own law office in Berlin, Germany, in affiliation with Bernhardt Law Office. Furthermore, he currently serves as an International Law lecturer at Fachhochschule des Mittelstands in Berlin.

In addition to his legal practice, Desca Putra Yana is currently collaborating with a renowned professor of family law in Germany to write a book on Indonesian family law, further exemplifying his dedication to advancing legal knowledge and expertise in the field.


Desca Putra Yana is a registered lawyer in PERADI (Persatuan Advokat Indonesia) and BRAK (Berlin Rechtsanwaltskammer), demonstrating his professional qualifications. He is proficient in Indonesian, English, and German, enabling effective communication and comprehension across languages.


We are here to assist you with your legal needs and ensure that you receive the personalized attention and exceptional service you deserve. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or to schedule a consultation.

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